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Why You Need An Odessa, TX, Attorney After A Semi Truck Accident

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Getting into an accident with a commercial truck is the last place any of us should want to be. If you do not suffer extensive physical injuries, at the very least your vehicle is in for a number. However, when an insurance or trucking company drags its feet providing you the benefits both needed and deserved, you have the right to fight back. It starts with getting a professional truck accident lawyer on your side to combat the very agencies making your life difficult. More often than not, this is the only way to guarantee you get the proper compensation.
Attorneys Robert White and Greta Braker has\ve seen many truck accident cases in their time as personal injury lawyers and, if you have been hurt in a truck accident and are thinking about hiring a lawyer, you should keep reading and consider the following points.

Texas State Law

The state of Texas has certain key rules governing all car crashes. You must first attend to the injured or dead on the scene. If there are any, you must call the police or other emergency service. Furthermore, if there is property damage in excess of $1000 you must also fill out a police report. Within 10 days of the accident, if this report has not been filed, you could face some stiff penalties.

How to Determine Fault

Trying to determine fault in a truck accident can be easy or hard depending on the circumstances. For instance, some situations, such as a rear-end or left-turn accident, can make for a straightforward diagnosis. Other situations, like mechanical error, are not quite so easy to figure out. That being said, you can always elect for help during this part of the process, so do not get too stressed trying to prove fault on your own.

What to Expect from Trucking Companies

While a lawyer can definitely help in determining fault in your truck accident, the biggest benefit of a lawyer is having them deal with difficult trucking companies, which often try passing the blame off on other agencies. This is surprisingly easy to do, considering that a given truck malfunction could be the fault of the driver, the owner, the renter, the loader or the manufacturer. There are still certain federal rules in place to safeguard you, however, so never feel discouraged.

Learn More from a Truck Accident Lawyer in Odessa

Any given truck accident can lead to severe injuries or property damages that can be hard to recoup without professional legal counsel by your side to handle the obstacles inherent in the process. It is especially important that you find a lawyer with plenty of personal injury experience.

Robert White and Greta Braker have been representing clients in the greater Odessa, Texas, area for many years, and we want to help you. So if you were in a nasty truck accident and are now having trouble getting the benefits you deserve, contact a representative of the legal team today to find out more about what you can do.