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Common Reasons Your Personal Injury Claim Was Denied

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After you’ve suffered a personal injury, one of the last things you want to do is deal with an insurance company. They always put on a friendly face when selling their policies, but they never really want to give out any money. Their business model depends upon them keeping as much money as possible, so don’t assume that they’re always on your side.

If your personal injury claim was denied, you’re in for a complicated process to collect the damages you’re owed. Recovery is hard enough as it is. You don’t need to fight a legal battle as well. That’s why you need an attorney at your side to help you through the process. Learn more about why personal injury claims are denied, and discover how an injury attorney can help your case.

Insurance Company Tricks

Insurance companies employ quite a few tactics to justify denying personal injury claims, but you need to remember that most of them are just tricks. They want to offer the least amount of money possible because actually paying out policies is bad for their bottom line. Even when your need is obvious, you’ll find insurance companies doing whatever they can to try and lower the amount of money they’re giving up.

It’s important to remember that insurance companies are not necessarily looking out for your best interests. They’re for-profit businesses that thrive on not paying out their policies. Despite what many insurance adjusters and representatives say, there is nothing that legally requires them to work for your best interests. In personal injury cases, insurance companies are very much the opposition, and all representatives and adjusters work directly for them.

You Didn’t Have an Attorney

Hiring an injury attorney is one of the best ways to fight back against an insurance company. Without one, you’re up against their very best all by yourself. Insurance companies will often tell you that you don’t need an attorney if you want to appeal your claim. Technically speaking, they’re correct, but do you really want to handle that process all on your own?

Even if you are able to adequately fight for yourself, insurance companies will often resort to offering lower settlements just to make the process end. Those pursuing personal injury claims don’t take long to get overwhelmed by medical bills, and insurance companies know that. Their quick low ball settlements offer quick relief for medical debt, but do little to help you in the long run. An injury attorney will help you get the settlement you deserve, not just the one volunteered by the insurance company.

Lower settlements aren’t the only ways insurance companies take advantage of accumulating medical costs. Sometimes, they’ll delay payments until a later date, forcing you to deal with your rising costs alone. Their strategy is to put you in a desperate situation and increase your likelihood of settling for a lower offer. Take note, this is nothing more than a bullying tactic, and an injury attorney won’t let them get away with it.

Denial of Facts

One of the most common reasons your personal injury claim will be denied is because insurance companies doubt your claim. Even when the facts are properly presented and everything is in order, insurance companies will often go out of their way to discredit your claims and trivialize the extent of your injuries, if not downright denying the existence of your injuries completely.

The first tactic your insurance company might employ is blaming you for your injuries. When it’s your own fault, they don’t owe you anything. For example, if you were involved in a car accident that left you injured, they will try to blame you for the accident by claiming your negligent behavior contributed to or caused it. Determining liability can be tough, so you may want an attorney to help.

If blame cannot be assigned to you, insurance companies may try to downplay the extent of your injuries. One of their favorite methods is claiming that your injury is the result of a preexisting condition and not the accident. They will request your medical records and cite your written statements to use against you, so make sure everything is in order.

Appealing Your Claim in Texas

If your claim has been denied, you can still appeal. Insurance companies will have an army of lawyers at their disposal to enforce their denial, so you need to make sure you’re prepared. The best way to face off against insurance companies is with the help of an injury attorney from Braker White.

Not only will you get the representation you deserve, but you’ll have a far better chance of getting the payout you deserve from the insurers. We won’t even charge you a dime until after we win your case.