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We all trip over our own feet from time to time — some of us more than others — so it’s normal to expect an occasional bump or bruise as a fact of life. Slips and falls become more serious, though, when they happen because of unsafe conditions on public or commercial property.

Property managers and maintenance workers who are responsible for retail stores, shopping malls, parking garages, banks, schools, restaurants, and apartment complexes are all supposed to make sure that people who visit their properties stay safe while they are there. Walkways should be free of tripping hazards, recently mopped floors should be conspicuously marked with “Wet Floor” signs, and parking areas should be well-lit for safe walking. You have a reasonable expectation of safety in any public space, and when that safety is violated, you do not have to face the aftermath alone.

If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, contact our Odessa, TX, slip and fall lawyers today to learn about your options for compensation.

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If you’ve been severely injured after an accident on public property, you may be entitled to compensation. We protect the rights of those who have been hurt due to a property owner’s negligence.

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After a serious slip, trip, or fall on public property, it is completely understandable to be anxious about what the future holds — you’re recovering from serious injuries while the hospital bills stack up, you’re out of work and unable to make an income, and going up against the insurance company of a big business is daunting. The legal process of pursuing a premises liability claim may be complicated, but getting help isn’t! If you’re entitled to compensation, we are here to protect your right to receive every dollar you’re due.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Odessa, Midland, or anywhere in the Permian Basin and Texas Hill Country, make sure you contact Braker White as soon as possible after the incident. Evidence needs to be preserved immediately, witnesses must be contacted soon after the accident, and your medical care needs to be well-documented so that our team can fight for an insurance settlement that covers your full and complete recovery, so we need to get started right away. Contact Braker White today by calling 432-203-2818 or by filling out our free online form.

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I am happy I hired Robert White. His staff was such a delight and quickly took control of my case. Throughout the process Mr. White and his staff made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions. Overall, I was impressed with his services.

-Stevan Campos
5 Star Reviews

I was really glad I hired Robert White. I had a severe back injury and the workers compensation carrier continued to deny my surgery. Mr. White made sure I had my surgery and that the insurance company paid for it. I did not have to wait until the lawsuit was finalized to have my surgery. I am so pleased with his work and his staff was very pleasant and helpful throughout the entire process. I was so pleased with his work, that I hired him on another accident. He did an excellent job on the second accident too.

-Malcolm Owens
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My wife & I are so glad that we hired Robert White. We are so happy the way Mr. White handled our case. We recovered our money real fast and we will recommend Mr. White to anyone that’s involved in an auto accident.

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I am so glad that I hired Robert White. He did an excellent job on my case and was successful in getting me compensated for my time off work. Robert White and his staff answered all my questions and were available when I needed to talk to them.

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I am so glad I was referred to Robert E. White. The insurance company would not take me serious until I hired Robert White. Mr. White was very understanding and reassuring. I don’t think I could have done this without his help. His staff was great and would go out of their way to help me.

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I was truly impressed with the attentiveness Robert White and his staff showed toward my case. Throughout the entire process I never had to worry about a thing and it was such a relief. I am very happy that I hired him.

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Attorney Robert White, Greta and their team have been very helpful, friendly, courteous and professional. They were easy to work with, answered all our questions and concerns. Also kept us informed through the whole process. Would definitely recommend them and would use them again if needed!!

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Greta has been the greatest human to work with. She hasn't talked to me like I'm an idiot and I have understood everything along the way. Everyone in the office is so nice and let's you know exactly what is going to happen and when.

-Misty Torres

Do I Have a Case?

If you are unsure whether you could be compensated for your injuries, contact our office today for a free case review. This will be the most accurate method of determining the options available in your specific situation. In the meantime, here are a few of the questions your attorney will consider when evaluating whether or not you have a case.

Some examples of situations that may lead to a slip and fall injury or another premises liability accident are

  • Inadequate signage designating unsafe areas (e.g. wet floor signs)
  • Inadequate lighting or security 
  • Lack of proper maintenance

If your accident was the result of negligent conditions such as these, it will most likely qualify as a premises liability case.

The Texas statute of limitations allows an individual to file a claim no more than two years after the accident that caused their injuries. In order to protect your right to compensation, it is important to contact us as soon as possible to get started.

In Texas, you can recover compensation for your injuries as long as you are not more than 50% to blame for the accident.

If you are found to share a percentage of the fault, your payment will be reduced by that percentage.

Our lawyers can help you gather the right information to prove the at-fault party’s liability and win you every dollar you deserve.

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How Much Is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

Among other potential accident-related expenses, these are the main types of losses that you may be able to recover in a premises liability claim:

  • Medical expenses to address your visits to the doctor, any surgeries and physical therapy, prescriptions to treat your injuries, and ER visits or hospital stays.
  • Wages to account for the income you’ve missed out on during recovery and are reasonably expected to miss out on in the future.
  • Non-financial losses in the form of pain and suffering damages; these are included to compensate for mental illness or trauma, loss of companionship, and lack of interest in activities you used to enjoy.

To find out the full value of your claim, contact us for your free case review today!

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How Can Braker White Help?

When you’re faced with the somewhat intimidating task of recovering damages after a Texas slip and fall accident, you need someone who can anticipate what the insurance company will be looking for and how they may try to underpay or deny your claim. You need someone who will make sure every document is in place and each deadline is met. Most of all, you need someone who will provide you with honest legal advice and be a compassionate advocate for justice.

When you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall, you need Braker White on your side. Our office will collect the evidence, negotiate your settlement with the insurance company, and always serve as a resource for you when you have questions and concerns about your case. We offer free consultations and don’t charge any fees unless we win, so call today! If you have a case, we will take it from there so that you can focus on what really matters: getting back to the life you deserve.

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What’s Next?

After we review the details of your case, we will let you know what legal options you have to pursue compensation. With this free legal advice, you will be able to make the best choice for your particular situation.

In order to build the strongest case for maximum compensation, we will need to collect all available evidence. We will work with you to collect police reports, medical bills and records, witness and expert statements, and any photo or video evidence that proves negligence caused your accident.

The last thing you want to deal with is the insurance adjuster’s call — they are only interested in underpaying or denying your claim, usually through false pretenses and manipulation tactics. We handle the insurance company because we know their tricks, and we accept only a fair settlement for the suffering you’ve experienced.

It will always be your choice whether you accept the insurance company’s final offer or not. If you do, we will do our best to get that check in your hands as soon as possible.

Slip and Fall FAQs

Because we believe that every Texan should have access to affordable legal services, we never charge any fees unless we win. Even your initial case review is free, so you have everything to gain by giving us a call!

“Premises liability” is the legal terminology for holding property owners responsible for the safety of their guests. This encompasses slip and falls as well as injuries caused by, among other things, falling objects, dangerous ice- and snow-covered paths, subpar security, and unmarked or unaddressed hazards (e.g. no “Wet Floor” sign on a freshly-mopped floor). 

Simply speaking, when danger is present, property managers are required by law to provide a warning and to repair the unsafe condition within a reasonable amount of time.

There are three basic steps you can take after a slip and fall accident to protect your rights:

  • Seek Medical Treatment

If you have sustained severe injuries, you may need to call for first responders. Even if your injuries don’t seem severe, you should still be evaluated by your doctor as soon as possible to check for underlying injuries and to have records connecting your accident to your injuries.

  • Document Everything

As much as you are able, you should document the surroundings that led to your accident — get photos, videos, and the contact information of any witnesses at the scene. Try to do this before the property owner attempts to address the hazard.

  • Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer

As soon as possible, you will want to contact Braker White to begin working on your claim. The sooner you do this, the more likely you are to file on time and include every bit of evidence necessary.

Texas slip and fall accident victims will have two years from the date of injury to file their claim. That being said, each case is unique, so the best practice will be to get in touch with our attorneys immediately to be sure you do not miss out on the compensation you’re due.

Texas follows a modified comparative negligence system which states that victims can seek compensation as long as their responsibility for the accident is not greater than the property owner’s. This means that if you are over 50% liable for the accident that caused your injuries, you will not be able to seek compensation.

At the same time, if you are found partially responsible for your accident but can still claim compensation, your final settlement will be reduced by your percentage or liability.

For example, if your accident is determined to have been 20% your fault and your damages are worth a total of $10,000, you will only receive $8,000 ($10,000 reduced by 20%).

We have experience protecting our clients from being blamed for their injuries, so don’t try to take on the insurance company alone.