A woman leaning against her car after an accident in Odessa, TX.

How Do I Get the Most Money After an Odessa Car Accident?

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Getting into a car accident that leaves you injured can be life-changing. You will not only be dealing with possible hospitalization, surgeries, and ongoing treatment, but you may have lost income and suffered damage to your car. If you were injured because of someone else’s actions, you deserve fair compensation for your expenses.

Making a few small mistakes can result in a much lower settlement than you deserve. So, how do you get the most money after a car accident in Odessa, Midland, or anywhere else in the Permian Basin in Texas? If you take the appropriate steps and set yourself up for a solid case from the start, you will be more likely to get the most money possible from your insurance settlement. Continue reading to learn how to maximize your car accident settlement.

Call the Insurance Company

A woman calling her insurance company after an Odessa, TX, car accident.A serious car accident can be jarring and stressful. There’s a lot to be done, such as speaking with the police, calling a towing company, and letting family and friends know what happened. The insurance company may not be high on your list of priorities, but it’s important to call them as soon as possible to let them know about the accident.

Ideally, you should call the insurance company once you have obtained a police report, received a diagnosis and medical treatment, and collected any potential evidence. When you call the insurance company, be mindful of your words. Avoid saying anything about who is at fault, that you don’t think you’re injured, or that your injuries are not serious. All of these things can be used to reduce your claim.

Keep Track of Expenses

If you were injured and your car was damaged because of another driver’s actions, you should keep a thorough record of the expenses related to the accident. Having a total for your financial losses will help your car accident lawyer negotiate a fair settlement for your claim and seek all the compensation you’re entitled to recover.

You may be able to seek compensation for:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Ambulance transport
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgeries
  • Specialist appointments
  • Physical therapy
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Medication
  • Occupational therapy
  • Home health care
  • Home modifications
  • Car repairs or replacement
  • Rental cars
  • Lost income or loss of future income

With many injuries, the injured party may lose income from taking paid time off or sick time attending appointments or undergoing treatment. Severe injuries may even affect your ability to work the same job in the future or prevent you from working at all. Be sure to keep a record of times you missed work or had to take scheduled time off for appointments due to accident-related injuries.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

A lawyer reading through a client’s car accident claim.Whether your car accident injuries are minor or severe, hiring a lawyer gives you an advantage in seeking the money you deserve for your expenses. Some cases are deceptively complex, and you may end up getting less than you’re entitled to; but a lawyer knows the nuances of the law, how to establish fault, and what you are eligible to recover. A lawyer will also negotiate on your behalf and represent you in court if the case needs to proceed to trial. Working with an experienced car accident attorney can give you the best chance to receive the most money possible after a car accident.

Call Attorney Robert White

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, call Braker White. We’ve been helping injured drivers seek the compensation they deserve for over 30 years. We will work on your behalf to build you the strongest case possible for the maximum amount you’re legally owed.