Be Aware of These Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Derail Your Car Accident Claim in Odessa

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Being hurt in a car accident is an emotional experience. You’re likely dealing with a tremendous amount of pain on top of stressing about how you’re going to pay for your medical bills and car repairs. Many people mistakenly assume that an insurance company will cover all of these costs. Sadly, this is not always the case.

Putting faith in an insurance company to take care of you after an accident is a risky bet. Our Odessa car accident lawyers at Attorney Robert White have been battling insurance companies for years, so we know first-hand how they operate.

Take a look at these four common reasons insurance companies are not to be trusted after a car accident.

#1: They Will Pretend to Be on Your Side

Happy woman talking on phone If you’ve just been involved in a car accident, you’ve likely gotten several calls already from the other party’s insurance company. Be wary of these initial conversations. All too often, insurance adjusters start off by being sympathetic to your situation, making you feel like you’re speaking to a friend rather than an insurance company.

Pretending to be on your side is a manipulation technique insurance adjusters use to give you a false sense of security. In reality, they’ve got you right where they want you. Don’t let an insurance adjuster prey on your vulnerable situation. Always remember, you are NOT obligated to speak to an insurance adjuster and we recommend that you DON’T unless you’ve spoken with an attorney first.

#2: They Want You to Settle Low

Investment Income High Quality Insurance adjusters are trained experts with one goal in mind: to get you to settle for as little money as possible. Just ask yourself who the insurance adjuster works for. You or the insurance company?

Insurance adjusters will do whatever it takes to save their company money, even if it means cheating you out of the full settlement you deserve. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters know that injured individuals often need money to pay for their medical bills and other losses. They’ll use this to their advantage by making their first offer extremely low in hopes that you’ll feel pressured to accept.

Don’t automatically accept an insurance adjuster’s initial offer! Despite what they say, you may deserve more.

#3: They’ve Been Known to Strong Arm Clients

Strong guy with crossed arms If you try to push back on an insurance adjuster or you rejected their initial offer, you may notice a change in their demeanor. Many times, they’ll quickly drop the “friend act” and start using more aggressive tactics to get you to accept their offer. They’ve even been known to bully and strong arm clients into low settlements.

Never underestimate an insurance adjuster. From badgering you to sign a release form to pressuring you to give a recorded statement, insurance adjusters will do whatever it takes to pay you less. Don’t let them bully you!

Call one of our Odessa car accident lawyers at Attorney Robert White. We see these sneaky insurance adjuster tactics from a mile away and will help you fight back to get the true settlement you deserve.

#4: They Know the Name Robert White

attorney-robert-white While insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for your claim, they also want to avoid a lawsuit. This is because a trial can be expensive and the jury’s verdict might force them to pay even more.

While most car accident claims are settled outside of court, the threat of going to trial alone is important. Having the right attorney on your side shows the insurance company that you mean business and aren’t afraid to file a lawsuit and take your case to court. Many times, this puts pressure back on the insurance adjuster to make you a fair settlement offer.

Insurance companies around these parts know the name Robert White. This gives you the upper hand, because when they know who your lawyer is, they know it’s time to start pitching real numbers.

We’re on Your Side

Having practiced law in Odessa and surrounding communities for years, Robert White has a reputation for getting insurance adjusters to treat his clients fairly. With Braker White on your side, you can feel confident that someone is looking out for YOU while you focus on your recovery.

Insurance adjusters may not have your best interests at heart, but we do. We work for you and will fight for the maximum amount of compensation you’re owed for your injuries and other losses.

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