Car accident in Odessa, TX

What to Do After a Car Accident in Odessa, Texas

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Devastating car accidents happen every day on our roads in Odessa, Texas. The moments after being involved in a car accident can be incredibly traumatic and confusing, but knowing what to do in the aftermath of a wreck can make all the difference in the world when it comes to protecting your safety and your chances of recovering compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Learn what to do in the immediate aftermath of an accident and discover how having an Odessa, Texas, car accident lawyer on your side can help.

Make Sure Everyone Is Okay

Police Officer writing a crash accident report The first priority after an accident is the health and safety of everyone involved. If you’re able, check to see if anyone is seriously injured, and call paramedics to the scene even for minor injuries.

It’s also important that the police come to the scene so a Texas Police Officer’s Crash Report detailing the events of the incident can be filed.

Get Out of the Road

If your injuries aren’t severe and your vehicle is still functional, it’s best to move out of the road. You don’t want to be hit by any approaching vehicles. Once you’ve moved to the side of the road, consider activating your hazards, if able, to alert oncoming traffic. If your vehicle is too damaged to move, get yourself and others to safety and wait for help to arrive.

Gather Evidence

Once the scene is safe, it’s time to gather information that can support your claim later on. You’ll want to take pictures of the accident, showcasing the damage and the circumstances leading up to it. That means getting photos of any physical damage, as well as any tread marks left on the road.

While the police will gather evidence of their own during their investigation, it’s always a good idea to document as much as possible. Write down any important details that happened immediately before the accident to ensure you can convey them accurately later on.

Exchange Information

two drivers exchanging information after a car accident To properly file insurance claims, you’ll need the necessary information from anyone else involved in the accident. Don’t assign blame or accuse anyone of anything, and don’t take the blame yourself, either. Even an apology can be used against you as an admission of guilt.

Instead, focus on getting essential information like the other driver’s name and insurance information. Additionally, you’ll want to get the contact information of any witnesses of the accident, as well as the police officer who arrived on the scene and conducted the investigation.

Notify Your Insurer

Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, it’s always a good idea to notify your own auto insurance company that you were involved in a wreck. Depending on the terms of your specific policy, this can be very important later on and ensure that all of your bases are covered.

It’s also important to know that after an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may start to receive calls from the other driver’s insurance company. Always remember that you are NOT obligated to speak with them and it’s in your best interest to direct them to your attorney. Insurance adjusters are experts at finding ways to use your words against you, so don’t give them the chance!

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In the moments, days, and even weeks following your car accident, you’ll likely be faced with many difficult questions and decisions. To help you navigate these challenges and get the most out of your insurance claim, you need an experienced Odessa, Texas, car accident lawyer by your side.

Braker White has been helping injured individuals and their families across Odessa, Texas, get what they deserve for years and we can help you, too. The sooner you contact our lawyers, the better. We know the ins and outs of the legal system and can handle the hassles of your case while helping you avoid common mistakes people make that can jeopardize your compensation.

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