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The Four Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Odessa

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Motorcycle accidents don’t necessarily occur more often than other types of motor vehicle incidents, but they do tend to be much more catastrophic in terms of injury and potential death. This is because, obviously, when you’re on a motorcycle you’re not protected by four walls, a roof, and a steel frame. According to the federal government, there were 35 times as many deaths due to motorcycle accidents than cars in 2006.

These statistics are highly alarming. Even worse is the suffering that injured individuals of such incidents have to endure. It can take years, decades, even a lifetime to recover from the injuries suffered from a motorcycle accident. Learn about the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, and how a local motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get compensation for damages suffered.

Head-On Crashes

The majority of motorcycle accidents occur when a cyclist collides head-on with another vehicle. In fact, such incidents are the cause of over half of all deaths in accidents involving motorcycles. In fact, 78 percent of motorcycle collisions involve a car striking a motorcycle from the front.

Left Turn Accidents

Next up are accidents involving cars making left turns. These account for over 40 percent of all motorcycle/car accidents. These accidents usually occur when a motorcycle is proceeding directly through an intersection or is attempting to pass or overtake the car. Motorcycles, being as small as they are, are sometimes difficult to see and this can create catastrophic consequences. Generally speaking, in a left turn accident, the turning vehicle will be found responsible.

Lane Sharing

When a motorcycle attempts to drive between lanes of traffic, this is known as lane sharing or lane splitting. It’s highly dangerous because the motorcycle is very close to cars with very little room to maneuver. Cars also tend not to expect such a tactic, which increases the danger further. Whether lane splitting is legal or not, it’s a dangerous prospect and one you should avoid, no matter how late you may be running.

Speeding and Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers are a bane of the roadways, as are people who have little regard for speed limits. Many accidents are caused by irresponsible drivers who have had too much to drink or are going too fast. Sometimes these drivers are in cars, and sometimes it’s the motorcyclist who is responsible.

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

The best way to avoid a motorcycle accident is to take care and stay vigilant. Obey all traffic laws, don’t engage in lane splitting, and always assume that other drivers are going to make a bad decision. By doing so, you will give yourself more time to react when an unforeseen incident occurs.

How a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been in an accident on your motorcycle and it’s someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries. These awards can cover your medical bills, your lost past, present and future earnings, your damaged quality of life, lost relationships, pain and suffering and more. You need help from a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer, however, to protect your rights and make sure you get the best chance of a sizable settlement. For help and a free discussion about your case, contact Braker White today.