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Steps You Should Take After a Motorcycle Accident Caused by Defective Parts

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Not every motorcycle accident is caused by careless drivers or negligence on the part of someone else on the road. While accidents due to collisions with vehicles via drunk driving, driver carelessness or other such lapses in judgment are catastrophic, sometimes an accident isn’t the fault of anyone at the controls, but the fault of a defect in the machine itself. This can range from the motorcycle being unstable at high speeds to bad tires, bad brakes or any other sort of mechanical or electrical issue with the machine.

When your bike fails due to a manufacturing defect, you can collect the damages you suffer from a resulting accident. Let’s learn about product liability incidents involving motorbikes, and how an Odessa motorcycle accident lawyer can help you to pursue your case for damages.

Defective Manufacturing Cases

Some motorcycle accident claims result due to defective manufacturing on the part of the bike itself. This arises when some part of the motorcycle has been improperly manufactured. Whether the tires are prone to blowouts, a bad engine design that can cause sudden stalls, brakes that fail for no reason, or any other mechanical or electrical systems error, the manufacturer of the parts can be held responsible.

Dangerous Design Cases

In some cases, it’s not specific parts that are bad, but the entire design of the motorcycle itself. These vehicles, even when manufactured properly and entirely up to specs, are still dangerous in some inherent way. For example, motorcycles that are known to become wobbly or unstable at high speeds may suffer from a design defect. In such cases, the motorcycle manufacturer, the vendor, and others could be held responsible.

Safety Recalls

Manufacturers, and sometimes the NHTSA, issue recalls when an issue comes to light that may be dangerous. These recalls are an effort to prevent harm based on the issues at hand. If a recall is issued for your vehicle, you should take it in for immediate repairs. However, the existence of a recall doesn’t necessarily make the manufacturer immune to liability for damages suffered from recall items.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident where a recall was involved, you may still be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Talk to your attorney and find out if this is the case for you.

Demonstrating Liability

To get compensation for your accident, you’ll need to demonstrate that the motorcycle failed in some specific way. To this end when you’re in an accident you should take detailed notes about what happened, how the accident occurred, what led to it, those who saw it, all the details you can recall. Document the injuries you’ve suffered and keep all receipts. Keep records of every conversation you have regarding the incident. Take photos if you can and note any evidence at the scene.

Seek Help from an Odessa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Getting the compensation you deserve is going to require help. Manufacturers and their insurance companies are poised to defend against accusations of negligence, and you need someone to fight just as hard for you. That’s why you should call an Odessa motorcycle accident lawyer from Braker White. Get in touch to talk about your case and start on the road to compensation today.