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Am I Liable For An Odessa, TX, Accident That Occured When Someone Else Was Driving My Car?

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When you hit the road, one of the issues at the forefront of your mind is how to avoid accidents. Car accidents can be some of the most financially and physically stressful situations a person will undergo, making driving safely of the utmost important.

However, if you’re a car owner who typically allows other people to use their vehicle, then you should be aware of the fact that you can actually be held legally responsible for their actions while using your car, meaning you’ll be forced to pay for any damages if your car is in an accident. Learn the times when a car owner can be at fault for an accident and discover why your case will be easier with the assistance of a car wreck lawyer.

Irresponsible or Negligent Drivers

While it’s perfectly legal to loan out your vehicle to other drivers, it is your duty to be sure that anyone operating your car is capable of doing so. Certain groups of drivers are considered to be negligent drivers, meaning they don’t meet the legal threshold to operate a vehicle.

Obviously, drunk drivers always fall under the category of a negligent driver, and if you allow an intoxicated person to use your car, you will be responsible for any accident they cause. Additionally, unlicensed drivers are also considered negligent, which means you should be sure anyone using your vehicle has a valid license. Finally, older drivers who have diminished abilities are usually categorized as negligent when they cause a wreck.

The key to avoiding liability is guaranteeing that you only allow your vehicle to be driven by motorists who are responsible and licensed.

Vehicles Used for a Business

Many people are unaware of the fact that business owners can be held legally responsible for the actions of their employees, and this responsibility includes accidents involving company cars. If your employee causes an accident using a company car while they are on the job, then you, as the car’s owner, will be liable for damages, medical bills and other expenses resulting from said accident.

If your business absolutely must have an employee company vehicles, then you should make sure you have enough insurance coverage and that any employee you give a car is a safe driver.

Family Cars

If you keep and maintain a family car for the use of a teenage driver, then you will be accountable for any accident that your child is involved in. When allowing your teenage driver to use the family vehicle, you are taking legal responsibility for their actions on the road. In fact, even if your child has purchased their car themselves, it’s possible for you to be liable for their wrecks as long as they are a minor.

Make sure to have discussions with your teenage driver about safe road practices so that they avoid wrecks and you avoid liability.

Talk About Your Case with a Car Wreck Lawyer

The best way to handle a car accident involving your vehicle is to get advice from an experienced car wreck lawyer, which is why you need to partner with us. The staff at Braker White has the know-how necessary to help you win your car accident case so that you aren’t forced to pay out hefty damages. Speak with one of our representatives today.