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Can Passengers Get Compensation For Their Injuries After An Odessa, TX, Car Accident?

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Were you an injured passenger in a car accident? If so, you should know that there are ways you can be compensated for the damages you suffered. Here’s how you can get compensation for losses incurred since your accident, including your medical bills.

Step One: Write Everything Down

First things first: write down the details of the accident before you forget. Keep thorough notes throughout the process by recording and saving any information related to the accident. Store medical records and bills in a safe place. Write down all the damages you suffer—from pain you might experience to days you weren’t able to work. The more you have a record of, the better.

Step Two: Get in Contact with an Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer

You might feel a little like a fish out of water during this experience. It’s not easy to navigate all that comes from an accident injury—from hospital expenses to insurance claims.

One way you can feel confident and comfortable throughout the process is by talking to an Odessa personal injury lawyer. At Robert White, law attorneys, we provide you with all the information and direction you need, as well as answer any and all questions you have along the way. Our mission is to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Step Three: Make a Third Party Insurance Claim

Make a third party insurance claim against who was at fault for the car accident. This is called a “third party” claim because it will be under a policy that’s not yours. You can usually file a claim against either of these liability insurance policies: The policy of the driver or owner of the vehicle you were in during the accident, or the policy of the driver or owner of another car involved in the accident.

You might need to make multiple claims if one driver’s policy will not cover your damages. For example, if the cost of your medical bills, but the driver of the car during your accident has a lesser amount of liability coverage than the cost of your medical bills, your medical bills won’t be completely covered. In this case, you may want to file an additional claim against the insurance policy of another driver involved in the accident. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, an Odessa personal injury lawyer will advise you as to whether or not you can, or should, make multiple claims.

Step Four: Find Out if You Have MedPay Coverage

MedPay coverage is part of many automobile insurance policies. It comes in handy when your claim is still under review, but your medical bills are due. Just know that MedPay only covers your medical expenses, and only will pay for a certain amount of those expenses. Find out what the limit is for your policy so that if you need to, you can file other claims. Talk to your lawyer to see what he or she thinks would be best for you.

An Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

An Odessa personal injury lawyer at Braker White can help you receive the compensation you deserve if you were recently an injured passenger in a car accident. Contact us today for a consultation or for more information regarding your case.