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Steps To Take To Make Sure You’re Not Denied Workers’ Compensation in Odessa

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For anyone injured on the job and facing an extended period without work, workers’ compensation is there for support. However, often through no fault of your own, your workers’ compensation benefits will be limited or denied, putting your long-term prospects at risk. Because insurance companies, including those that deal with workers’ compensation, will do anything to reduce their costs, it’s important you take the right steps to receive your benefits.

Fortunately, if you act quickly and decisively, you should be able to make sure that you get the benefits that you need. Learn more about securing your Texas workers’ compensation benefits, and discover when is the right time to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer for help with your claim.

Reporting Your Injury and Gathering Evidence

One of the primary ways that a workers’ compensation insurance company will seek to deny your claim is by stating that you did not report your claim in time. To avoid this trap, you should be certain to report your injury immediately after it occurs. This will serve to demonstrate its seriousness and will prevent close off this possible avenue to denial.

Another time-sensitive matter to consider after a major work-related injury is recording as much evidence about your injury as possible. Document the circumstances that directly led to your injury and get statements from any eyewitnesses to your accident. This evidence will be invaluable if the insurance company attempts to undercut your claim at any point.

Seeking and Following Medical Treatment

Once you have reported your injury and gathered evidence, you need to make sure to schedule an appointment with a doctor for medical treatment. In addition to making sure that you heal properly after your workplace injury, an examination and treatment from a doctor will result in concrete records of the extent and severity of your injuries, which you will need when it comes time to negotiate with the Texas workers’ compensation insurance company.

It’s also important that you follow any plan of treatment that your doctor recommends. If you fail to follow your treatment plan or suspend your treatment entirely, it could be cause for the insurer to deny your workers’ compensation claim.

Dealing with Insurers

Possibly the most important part of securing your workers’ compensation claim is interacting with the insurance company. Since this is a stressful situation for many people, it’s important to tread carefully so that you don’t mistakenly cost yourself your workers’ compensation benefits.

First, you need to give your insurer limited access to your medical records, which will allow them to verify your injuries and your treatment. Secondly, be accurate and consistent in all of your statements to the insurance company. Changing your story is a sure way for your claim to be denied. Finally, resist any requests from your insurer for a tape recorded statement unless you have secured legal representation.

Fight for Your Texas Workers’ Compensation

If you’re struggling to ensure your Texas workers’ compensation benefits, get help from Braker White. Whether Robert White, Greta Braker, or one of the other excellent legal professionals in our office handles your case, you’ll have someone on your side who will fight the insurance company for the compensation that you deserve.