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Choosing The Right Nursing Home For Your Loved One in Odessa, TX

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Although a difficult decision for any family to make, sometimes it might be necessary to commit your elderly loved ones to a nursing home. However, no matter how seemingly nice the home, you should still always be on the lookout for possible signs of nursing home abuse. If you observe anything, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer right away.

The team at Braker White has had the unfortunate task of representing many individuals affected by nursing home abuse and he knows exactly what you should be paying attention to when first selecting a home for your relatives. By following these tips, you can better avoid nursing home abuse altogether.

Where is the Nursing Home?

Putting up your loved ones in a far away nursing home will likely strain your relationship and prevent you from seeing your relatives in event of an emergency. Before choosing a nursing home, you must therefore pay very close attention to the location. Cutting down on potential travel time should be a priority.

What are the Inspection Scores?

Law requires that all nursing homes in the country submit themselves for regular inspection, the results of which are available to the public. Upon entering the nursing home, you should then be able to see these scores right near the front counter. If not, ask to see them. If the scores are negative, you might want to turn right back around and leave.

Speak with the Dietician

Certain individuals have specific dietary needs that must be met by the nursing home. As a result, it is important that you meet with the staff dietician beforehand to learn about the meals and dietary options available to nursing home residents. You should also look to see what other accommodations can be made based on your situation.

Interrogate the Administration

You should spend as much time as possible talking to the administrators of the nursing home. This is to help you learn all you can about the facility itself. For example, what other services are provided by the home? Or, what is the staff turnover ratio? Anything that seems odd should be investigated. Listen to your gut.

Connect with Current Residents

Along those same lines, spend time speaking with the actual residents of the nursing home (These are your loved ones’ future neighbors, after all). In particular, you should find out how they like the home and what they would like done differently. Take any concerns you have with the responses straight to the administration.

Learn More from a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you believe your elderly relatives are suffering from nursing home abuse, you need to move quickly to protect your loved ones. First, get them out of the home. Next, call a nursing home abuse lawyer.

The legal team at Braker White has handled these kinds of cases before and, if you live in the greater Odessa area and need some advice on how to proceed, contact one of our representatives. The important thing is to keep your loved ones safe, so don’t hesitate. Call today.