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What Damages Are Available To Families After A Wrongful Death in Odessa, TX

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When you lose a member of the family to a sudden accident, the results can be devastating no matter who you are, and if the deceased was the head of household, it could get even worse. In an instant, a family can find their world asunder, and persevering through the turmoil can prove too much for some. It is, therefore, important you understand the potential options to take as you attempt to work through your grief. One of these options might be to pursue a wrongful death case, in which case it is time to have legal help on your side to guarantee that your family receives the compensation they deserve.

Our team has years of experience and has dealt with many wrongful death cases. We know how stressful the process can get. It is necessary to have trained legal counsel to guide you through the ups and downs, and we would like to start by helping you assess whether or not pursuing a wrongful death case would be best for you.

Pursuing A Wrongful Death Case

If you are thinking of pursuing a wrongful death case, firstly, you need to know if you can file one. Regulations vary state by state, but for the most part, a wrongful death occurs when the actions or inactions of another have caused a loved one to die. Should this apply to your situation, you will then need to file a wrongful death claim and get ready to roll through your state’s exhaustive civil court system. Having professional legal help during this time is a great benefit.

Available Damages In A Wrongful Death Case

Trying to determine the kinds of damages for which you can be compensated for usually depends on what kind of accident caused the death of your loved one, and how many expenses incurred as a result. This includes any hospital costs due to an injury sustained during the accident as well as the deceased’s lost wages and funeral costs. The deceased’s next of kin are also entitled to damages, which can get pretty high if the deceased was the head of household.

Also, note that a few states allow for a provision known as “loss of consortium,” which refers to the cost to immediate family members of depriving them of the companionship of the deceased. Typically these are found more in situations where an adult parent died, leaving behind his or her young children. That being said, considering how difficult these claims can be to assess, you will not see them filed too often.

Talk To A Lawyer Today

The costs that can arise following the sudden death of a close loved one can often be too much for a freshly grieving family to bare. This does not have to be the case, however. A good legal team backing you up can make dealing with your loss that much easier, and that is what we want to do at Braker White. To learn more about what you can do about possibly pursuing a wrongful death case, or to ask other personal injury legal questions, contact a representative of our team today to find out how we can assist.