Workers’ Comp in Odessa

What You Need to Know About Applying For Workers’ Comp in Odessa

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Getting hurt on the job is never fun and many people would rather just be working. However, when an accident does occur, you should apply for workers’ comp in order to make sure you are getting the benefits that you deserve. If you are facing resistance from an employer or other party regarding workers’ comp, you should get legal representation.

Odessa-based law firm, Braker White, has many years of experience handling tricky workers’ comp cases and we therefore know what you need to watch out for when starting the process. The following questions can help you when applying for workers’ comp in Texas.

File a Claim Right Away

You must file your workers’ comp case within a year or two of your accident and injury or else the courts could decide to throw out your claim. If you are taking time exploring your options informally, the court does not care. In other words, as soon as you are hurt on the job, you should submit a claim. While not necessary, it might now be time to look into hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Informal Workers’ Comp Options

You can usually decide to file for an informal hearing if there is any kind of initial dispute between the employee and employer regarding potential workers’ comp aid and covering the costs of hospital visits and treatment plans. These hearings result in non-binding sentences by the judge that typically resolve questions of temporary medical benefits. As you navigate into the world of permanent disability and long term benefits, the early results of an informal hearing can also help play a part in determining the aid you are awarded.

Submitting a Formal Claim

You will definitely want to have a trained attorney at your side when submitting a formal claim. These proceedings usually take place within six months of a submitted claim, so, while you wait, you will want to have temporary benefits already in place. More often than not, a formal claim will be settled beforehand out of court. Ultimately, a judge is the final say on workers’ comp cases should they go the length of a trial. Decisions can only be appealed through the Appellate Courts system.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Odessa Today

When you get hurt on the job, a lot of things will happen at once. Suddenly you are out of work, missing out on lost wages and, depending on the severity of the accident, you could be undergoing painful rehabilitation that might never heal. All during this process, the medical bills and other expenses pile up and your once peaceful life has become a nightmare.

Unfortunately, this awful story happens to many individuals across the country, but it does not have to turn out like this. If you having trouble dealing with a workers’ comp case in Odessa, you can contact one of the attorneys at the offices of Robert White. We have seen it all when it comes to personal injury cases and we know what to do to get you all of the benefits and compensation you deserve.